Justin Bieber And Madonna Played ‘Never Have I Ever’ With Ellen And Bieber Probably Lied

Today on Ellen, Madonna and Justin Bieber played Never Have I Ever, and we had a lot of suspicions confirmed, like how Madonna has lived a life and how Bieber might just be a liar.

Madonna, as we could only expect from our Esther, only holds up the “I Have Never” sign once: She has never been kicked out of a bar. Bieber also held up the “I Have Never” sign for that one, despite the fact that the internet exists, and we all know otherwise. He also denied a number of sexual queries, with this explanation: “Here’s the thing: I want it to be special for my wife.”

Sure you do. Sadly, Ellen did not ask “Never have I ever stolen Sir Richard Attenborough’s hat from Jurassic Park,” or Justin would have no choice but to confess.

The group makes a number of jokes about how Madonna and Bieber should date, and they absolutely should. The internet was made for this pairing. Celebrity Gossip God, make it happen.