Justin Bieber Got Yelled At For Kicking A Ball Around Inside The Vatican

10.17.14 5 years ago 14 Comments

I’m trying to decide something, maybe you guys can help me out. Which do you think is brattier: That time Justin Bieber got carried up the Great Wall of China by his bodyguards, or getting yelled at for kicking a football around in the Vatican? Oh right! Because Justin Bieber got yelled at for kicking a football around in the Vatican last week. So I guess he can now cross that off of his bucket list of comically spoiled and ridiculous behavior.

The “One Time” singer paid £16,000 for a private tour of Vatican City, taking in the Vatican museum and the papal apartments, which are not occupied by Pope Francis. But it is understood that he irritated staff when he began to kick a ball around the corridors.

I just hope poor Justin Bieber’s visit wasn’t cut short before he got to see the “Sixteenth Chapel,” because that would be a real goddamn shame.

Also, here’s an artistic recreation of Justin Bieber and his entourage playing football in the Vatican. Just assume that Justin Bieber is the “Denny” in this scenario.

(Via Catholic Herald)

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