Justin Bieber’s Instagram Crush Is Surprisingly Not Happy With The Unwanted Attention

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12.09.15 14 Comments

Omg who is this!!

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Justin Bieber sent his Instagram followers on a very important mission on Tuesday to find the above woman. It’s unclear how he came about the photo in the first place, but his Beliebers set off to find the metaphorical owner of the glass slipper (and by glass slipper I mean impeccably glossed lips).

It didn’t take long, and the mystery woman was soon identified as Cindy Kimberly. Unfortunately for Cindy, she quickly learned that having the biggest pop star in the world single you out on social media isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially when  thousands of his frothing and somewhat unhinged fans set their sights on you.

In response, Cindy posted the following message on Instagram, clearly overwhelmed with the attention:

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