Justin Bieber Knows How Much You Hate His Sorry Excuse For A Mustache

Last month, the heavens rejoiced when Justin Bieber finally shaved off his sorry excuse for a “mustache”. Sadly, just a few weeks later, it seems that pesky little thing has slowly grown back and taken up residence on the pop star’s upper lip again.

However, we may not have to suffer long this time around: Biebs knows exactly how much we hate it. On Friday, he posted a selfie with the caption, “I’ll shave it calm down.”

Obviously, there isn’t much he can do to get in our good graces at this point. After his shenanigans at Dave & Busters and that sad slap fight with Orlando Bloom, we’re practically begging Canada to take him back for good. But, doing away with the ‘stache does help a tad. It’s maybe worth 0.00005 good points?

Via Us Weekly