Metallica Had A Surprising Reaction To Justin Bieber Wearing A Shirt With Their Name On It

When Justin Bieber appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show in November, he was there to discuss his new album, his manhood. and his past relationships. What he didn’t expect was backlash for his attire because he wore a Metallica t-shirt.

Metalheads took to social media to express their displeasure with his fashion choices. What Metallica fans didn’t expect was that the band loved that he wore their t-shirt.

On the band’s website, lead singer James Hetfield posted, “Papa H’s Top 10 Thingz of 2015,” which includes meeting rock legend Robert Plant, watching his children grow, and shooting a sniper rifle out of a moving helicopter. At the bottom of the list, which Hetfield says is listed in no order of importance, is “Justin Bieber wearing a Metallica shirt.”


So, it seems while fans lost their minds over the “travesty” of the Biebz wearing the band’s logo, the band actually enjoyed that they had such a high-profile fan in the heavily maligned pop star. Bieber has expressed in the past that he does like Metallica’s music. Instead of being upset at a pop star wearing their beloved band’s shirt, perhaps fans should be excited that Metallica might be releasing a new album in 2016.

(via NME)

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