Justin Bieber Used Instagram To Discover The Identity Of This Mystery Woman

Justin Bieber typically posts pictures of himself thoughtfully posing in front of mountains, with babies, skiing, or performing (SO much thoughtfulness) on his Instagram. But last night, one of the world’s most popular singers, for better or worse (worse), used the photo app as his very own hookup site. Selena Gomez’s on-again, off-again boyfriend uploaded a photo of a mysterious woman, writing: “Omg who is this!!” It’s the great mystery of our time.

At least it was, until Beliebers discovered the selfie-taker.

Fans soon flocked to Twitter to tell him it was supposedly a girl called Cindy Kimberly, who has a habit of posting selfies on her Instagram page. It is unclear where she is from but her Instagram profile reads: “My name is Cindy and I get too excited about fictional related stuff.” Another Instagram account, this time private, under the name ‘wolfiecindyreal’ also exists with more than 250,000 followers. (Via)

I really don't remember why nor when I deleted this pic?? Sorry for all the reposting lmao

A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

Red carpet just for me

A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

A photo posted by Cindy Kimberly (@wolfiecindy) on

The recent comments on her pictures are priceless.

cant believe @justinbieber was giving this a shoutout

Hey, Justin Bieber its looking for you.

Justin wants to f*ck u

U justin biber fans better sh*t the f*ck up before i do coz ur whorez ur self go bk tp ur flipping d*ckhead of justin

Is this actually the woman Bieber was looking for? She looks like a Jenner or Kardashian, so in my professional opinion, I’m going to say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

(Via the Daily Mail)

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