Justin Bieber Reportedly Acted Like A Jerk When Emmy Rossum Welcomed Him To The Neighborhood

Yeah, we thought this whole “good guy” Justin Bieber redemption act was a bunch of PR bologna. Emmy Rossum stopped by SiriusXM’s Sway in the Morning this week, and she said that Bieber recently moved in next door to her. For some reason — despite the fact that he and “neighbors” don’t have the greatest history together — she decided to go over and welcome him to the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t get past his bodyguards, and when Bieber did finally show up in his Bentley, he reportedly ignored her, hilariously rapping Kanye West’s “N***** in Paris” as he got out of the car and made his way into the house. This might actually be the most “Justin Bieber” story I have ever heard in my life. And here I was worried we were actually going to start laughing with Bieber instead of laughing at Bieber.