Justin Bieber’s Dad Might Be An Even Bigger Scumbag Than Justin Bieber

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04.17.14 5 Comments

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As much as we criticize Justin Bieber for being a reckless twerp (which he is!), most of his destruction, to himself or otherwise, has been harmless, boys will be boys, and so on. Unlike his actually-dangerous father Jeremy, a sleazy bully who’s basically the human version of a bucket of piss.

Justin Bieber’s jailbird father was once charged with assault for allegedly breaking an 18-year-old girl’s jaw after he smashed her in the face with a flying roundhouse kick.

Jeremy Bieber was taken to court, accused of the brutal attack on Alicia Wadden – who stood at just 5ft3in and weighed 100 pounds. Alicia says she was knocked unconscious by the kung fu style kick, which, according to her statement given to police, broke her jaw in two places, chipped her teeth, and forced her to eat pureed food for two months. (Via)

And like any good dirtbag who did something terrible in his past, like kick a helpless woman, Jeremy now spends his days retweeting Bible quotes and taking selfies.

jremy beieber

He’s learned his lesson.

Via the Daily Mail

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