Justin Roiland Drops A ‘Rick And Morty’ Prank Call To Joel Osteen’s Church And Gets A Weird Surprise

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09.07.17 3 Comments

The return of Rick And Morty for season three has placed the spotlight back on the show and its creators, be it for bringing back mythical McDonald’s dipping sauce or getting falsely accused for some Game Of Thrones shade. Now we get a little Rick And Morty injected in the controversy that followed Joel Osteen and his response to the damage from Hurricane Harvey in Houston. During a recent appearance on the Ethan and Hila Klein’s H3 Podcast, Roiland and the rest of the folks, including Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch, in studio decided to give a call to the Joel Osteen prayer line.

Roiland puts on his best Rick voice for the call and ends up getting one of the random prayer operators on the line, making his way through her questions and attempting to get himself to Osteen. It goes about how you’d expect, with a very confused lady on the other line while Rick Sanchez keeps prodding with questions.

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