Kaitlin Olson Tells Conan About Her Awkward Blackface ER Visit With Rob McElhenney For Lethal Weapon 6

10.18.13 6 years ago 8 Comments

Kaitlin Olson was on Conan last night, and the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star told an interesting tale about getting injured while filming the show’s current season.

Always Sunny fans will be delighted to hear a few tidbits about the gang’s plan to make Lethal Weapon 6, but the meat of this story is about Kaitlin and husband Rob McElhenney’s innate ability to crank up the awkwardness during any situation. Even medical emergencies.

Olson also shared some insight into her life as a mom. You’ll be pleased to know even the parenting portion of her life is a perfect two-way street of inappropriateness.

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