Here’s The Karaoke Video That’s So Bad, Its Existence Led To An Entire Country Banning YouTube

06.05.13 5 years ago 3 Comments

The handsome devil, minus the handsome, you see above and to the left is Emomali Rahmon. He is president of Tajikistan, a position he’s held for nearly 20 years. With such job stability (his second Wikipedia section is for “Corruption”), he can basically do whatever he wants, including shutting down his country’s access to YouTube after a video of, to quote the Daily Dot, “Rahmon at his son’s wedding, dancing and singing wildly off-key” went viral.

An humiliating video of a singing performance by Tajikistan president Emomali Rahmon, taken in 2007 but put on YouTube in May, is thought to be the reason the country blocked YouTube access for a week.

The block lasted from May 18 to 27, according to a Global Voices report, but it didn’t grab a lot of attention. Perhaps that’s because Tajikistan, a nation of eight million people, only has 2 million Internet users. Or perhaps it’s because the country has blocked YouTube at least three times in the past year.

The country’s Communication Service, which regulates Tajikistan’s Internet service providers, confirmed the ban on the day it was lifted, but refused to elaborate on the reason behind it. (Via)

So all it takes to get an embarrassing video “removed” from YouTube, at least for a show time and not worldwide, is to become the president of a Persian-speaking country that borders Afghanistan led by crooked politicians, none more shady than you? IT’S SO OBVIOUS. I’ll delete you yet, “Josh Gets Kicked in Nuts by Barnyard Pig.”

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