Kate Upton Posted A Classy Bare-Butt Photo On Instagram

The glorious Kate Upton decided to grace all of Instagram with her bare-tushed presence. She posed for this outtake during a Sunday photoshoot because Upton works the weekends just as sexily as she does the weekdays. The final product certainly shows her entire butt, but Upton’s exhibitionism is far more subtle than either Kim Kardashian’s glazed donuts or Justin Bieber’s oversaturated tush could ever accomplish. Those two did the deed for attention. Upton’s choice to bare the butt feels much more generous, as if she’s doing the internet a favor.

Upton is no stranger to breaking the internet. Her own brother will want to look away, as he’s disturbed by her sex-symbol status. Upton loves teasing her target audience but has no problem speaking her mind when she feels exploited (especially by the likes of Uncle Terry Richardson).

This photo is different than Upton’s usual cheesecake magazine photos but still at home in her oeuvre. Her cheeky stance isn’t high fashion, but it is both sexy and somehow demure. A classy butt flash, if you will. Is there such a thing? Let’s not overthink it. Hit the next page for the goods.

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Happy Sunday! #buttday #bruceweber #sundayfunday

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Quite predictably, Instagram enjoyed the show.