It’s Thursday, So Here’s Kate Upton, Puppies, Babies, And A Dude Dressed As A Unicorn

As the weekend bears down and we find ourselves anxiously anticipating football, the kinda/sorta return of Thursday night comedy, and more football I think it’s important to take a step back and rejuvenate our spirits with the likes of nature, baby animals, baby babies, and classy cleavage. Oh yeah, and a dude in a unicorn costume. Don’t forget about him.

When it comes to fashion I’m pretty much Aaron Paul’s face at the catwalk, and this new behind-the-scenes video from the CR Fashion Book (I have no idea) isn’t the Cat Daddy video, but I prefer to think of it as much needed Kate Upton for the soul. Enjoy, internet. I know this guy approves.

CR Fashion Book via Mr. Rowles