While You Slept: Katt Williams Arrested Again

12.08.12 5 years ago 25 Comments

Katt Williams continues his reign of terror. This time, the now un-retired comedian was picked up by the po-po in California for an outstanding warrant.

“Yolo County Sheriffs deputies popped Williams at a gas station following a traffic stop, this according to KCRA. An arrest warrant for Williams had been issued on Thursday out of Sacramento County for a reckless driving incident last month.”

Three knee-jerk reactions:

1. Any news related to the city of Yolo should be included everywhere. Every major and minor outlet, just so people can be reminded there’s a Yolo!

2. Yes, after retiring only a few days ago, Katt’s already back at it – on the stage and at a county jail near you. His handlers tried to blame it on Seattle but they must have reminded him how much it’d cost to back out of his run of scheduled appearances. And thus, as always, cash rules every retirement around us.

3. Yes, we’ll probably use that same Katt photo every time he makes the news. His faces matches the reaction on mine when I read a headline that says he’s done more f*cksh*t. It’s that feigned exasperation of “What? You don’t say?” as if this dude wasn’t likely to do something to get in trouble.

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