Katt Williams Is Now Facing A Lawsuit That Alleges Assault With Witches And Sorcery

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The Katt Williams saga has taken a few weird turns these past few weeks. The comedian has struck out against fellow comedian Kevin Hart and was arrested twice in the span of a few weeks. That’s a busy and odd stretch of time, but it has seems to have gotten weirder, according to a new report over at TMZ.

There’s apparently a new lawsuit against Williams that stems from an alleged incident at his home in Malibu two years ago. Jamila Majesty claims that she was assaulted after using William’s bathroom, which is apparently a no-no. That would be weird enough, but it would seem to get worse when the other women at the house got involved:

Jamila says Williams told her “No one uses [my] bathroom,” and then the women started punching her. She says the beatings continued for three hours — she lost consciousness several times, was bloodied, and Williams burned her face with a Newport cigarette.

She also says one of Williams’ chicks had a book open in the room which contained “teachings on sorcery and spells” and there was a fire that was being fed by “unusual things.”

Majesty claims she was able to leave the home at 1:30 a.m. and feared revenge by Williams if she called 911. Her civil suit is claiming assault and battery, false imprisonment and emotional distress. Missing seems to be witchcraft, which must be accepted in Malibu.

(Via TMZ)