“Kavalier and Clay” Becoming a Miniseries?

12.13.11 7 years ago

If you love comics, and haven’t read “The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay”, you’re really missing out. Michael Chabon is both in love with the medium and a superb writer, and the result is one of the best novels of the last ten years or so.

Anyway, like all novels that win a few awards, it’s been optioned by Hollywood, and like all novels that actually deserve those awards instead of being a snoozefest, it’s been rotting in development hell. Stephen Daldry, who has been the supposed director on this for about seven years now, has just said in interviews for his latest film (an adaptation of the incredibly tiresome “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”) that, yeah, he wants to do an HBO miniseries.

Of course, this would involve Paramount actually letting the rights go, HBO agreeing to do it, and the stars aligning to get the miniseries made in the first place. So, yeah, expect way more twee novels about how a horrible tragedy hurt some creative writing MFA’s feelings to hit the screen before this does.

[ via the escapists at IndieWire ]

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