A ‘Playboy’ Reporter Responds To Kayleigh McEnany’s Claim That He Shouted ‘Misogynistic Questions’ At Her

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has a contentious relationship with many members of the media, but especially Playboy‘s White House correspondent Brian Karem, who she once dismissively referred to as “the Playboy reporter.” Much like the celebs, the pair are it again after McEnany accused Karem, who once sued the White House for suspending his credentials, of shouting “misogynistic questions” at her.

McEnany appeared on Tuesday’s episode of Fox and Friends, where she discussed the “double standard in the media” for women. “If you’re a Democrat woman who comes into the West Wing behind me… your biggest concern outside of your official duties is the next glowing profile written about you,” she said. “If you’re a female woman in the Republican party who takes that podium, guess what your worry is? Having a Playboy reporter shout questions at you, demeaning, misogynistic questions during a briefing.” McEnany added, “It’s one that’s ridiculous. And one that the White House Correspondent’s Association should look into, when you have Playboy reporters shouting at women in a misogynistic manner simply because they’re a member of the GOP.” (The fact that she’s working for a man who appeared on the cover of Playboy, and allegedly had an affair with one of the publication’s models, was left unsaid.)

As a woman in a position of authority, McEnany has undoubtedly faced misogyny, but “it’s not clear what McEnany finds to be demeaning or misogynistic about [Karem’s] questions, as they don’t appear to be gender-based,” Mediaite notes. Karem, a self-described “loud mouth,” isn’t shouting questions to the press secretary in a “misogynistic manner” — he’s asking questions, because that’s his job (and he’s good at it).

Karem responded to the accusation on Twitter.