Keanu Discusses the Internet Meme. Everybody Try To Look Innocent.

As you may have noticed, we here at Uproxx like to photoshop Keanu Reeves a lot.  I mean, a lot.  So I was happy to hear Reeves was asked about the Sad Keanu meme while a guest on BBC Breakfast on Saturday.  About three minutes into this horribly-conducted interview, the interviewers ask him about his reputation of being sad.

As awesome as this could have been, they manage to get so overly serious that they somehow end up on the topic of gun violence, with the implication that Reeves bears some sort of blame for it.  Seriously, BBC?  You’ve got an A-list actor who avoids giving interviews actually giving you an interview and you start asking questions about Columbine and the Tucson shootings?  Why are those relevant questions to be asking Keanu f*cking Reeves?  What the hell does The Matrix have to do with Columbine, as the guy who looks like Wesley Snipes from “30 Rock” keeps bringing up?*  Gah.  This video should have been far more awesome:

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* Okay, maybe he doesn’t look like Michael Sheen to someone more trained at telling the English apart. They all look like Michael Sheen to me.  Even the women.