Kelly Brook’s Model Boyfriend Crashed A Van Full Of Dead Badgers Into A Bus Stop

For today’s bizarre dead animal news, we’re heading across the pond to jolly, old England, where male model David McIntosh proved that it’s tough to find regular work in his industry, even for men who look like they can kick the Hulk’s ass. Perhaps better known as Kelly Brook’s incredibly huge boyfriend or Tornado on the show Gladiators (think American Gladiators but without using your hands), McIntosh took a job as a van driver for a company that had been culling badgers, because I’m guessing that’s a huge problem in and around Gloucester right now.

Things got a little scary, though, when McIntosh crashed the van full of dead badgers into a bus stop, and stories of the incident are painting a different picture of what went wrong. Naturally, McIntosh says that he’s not necessarily the primary bloke to blame.

McIntosh said: “I was carrying badger carcasses to the furnace as I was involved in the cull.

“The radio was always kept in the vehicle on the dashboard so we could easily hear and keep up with police as to where the protesters were.

“It was blocking the clutch and the brake. Before I retrieved it I was heading off the road. I started to brake but it was too late.” (Via Express)

I’m sorry, I know they’re all perfectly normal words, but when he combines carcasses and furnace and cull, a guy who looks like McIntosh just seems like he should be wielding a giant bloody war hammer and painting his face with the fresh entrails of his victims.

McIntosh’s co-worker told a different story, though, as he claimed that he was looking at Facebook while McIntosh was driving, and he only looked up once the van suddenly changed paths. His statement sort of corroborated a witness’s testimony that McIntosh was asleep behind the wheel.

“I looked up after feeling the vehicle change direction to see a bus stop.

“I can’t say if he was asleep on not, but when I looked at David both of his hands were on the wheel, but his head was on his chest. I believe his eyes were shut.”

Regardless, the judge handed down a small fine and received some penalty points for his license, and then I assume that he went home to hang out with his model girlfriend. So yeah, poor guy. In conclusion, yes, this was all just a reason for me to post a picture of Kelly Brook in a bikini and this clip from UHF.