Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Alternative Facts’ Spin For Sean Spicer’s Lies Was Instantly Spoofed Online

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President Donald Trump’s obsession with size shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, but it’s not exactly customary for a newly elected commander-in-chief to moan about the reported attendance of their inauguration and send their practically vibrating White House Press Secretary to angrily lecture the press for… well, not reporting false claims bizarrely pushed the administration. On Sunday, Trump media fixture Kellyanne Conway attempted to spin Spicer’s argument as “alternative facts.” Rather than be irritated by this ridiculous approach to the truth, The Internet™ elected to embrace this exciting new era of “alternative facts.”

Pretty much instantly, Conway’s Meet the Press defense was lampooned on Twitter in the same manner as yesterday’s hilarious run of Sean Spicer send-ups. It’s never a good look to have the dictionary scoring points off of your administration.

The beauty of “alternative facts” is that they can be shaped into whatever’s convenient for you. Alternative facts are easy to use and don’t require the fuss and muss of reality.

Mind you, a CNN graphic will do just fine addressing the subject too.

We look forward to Kellyanne Conway’s explanation for what qualifies as “fake news” and what is simply a triumph of “alternative facts.”