Ken Burns Made A Hilarious Short Documentary About Comedian Eugene Mirman

This hilarious short is probably the first time I didn’t think Ken Burns was a impish demon sent to suck the life from public broadcasting. This time, Burns sets his sights on comedian Eugene Mirman, who you should know as Gene from Bob’s Burgers and his guest role on Archer as Cecil Tunt. The big difference here is that Mirman isn’t a willing participant in the filming.

Of course that’s fiction and part of the magic of film-making. The very kind of magic you can study at Hampshire College, Mirman and Burn’s alma mater and focus for this creative bit of advertising.

Or you could look at this as a bunch of desperate artists shilling for a money pit in an effort to survive in a failed economic hellscape. I’d rather choose to just laugh and wish I was eating a bowl of cereal, preferably Lucky Charms.

(Via Hampshire College)