Lyft Hooks Kendall Jenner Up With Free Rides After Her Public Fallout With Uber

For most of us, having to actually pay for goods and services is a normal thing that we have to do on a daily basis. This includes paying for rides in services like Uber and Lyft. In fact, if one of us has a crappy experience, the best that we can do is toil with customer support or unleash an angry tweet into the wild whilst tagging whatever brand has wronged us. If you are a wealthy reality television star you just grow to expect things for free, like Kendall Jenner.

There was some sort of issue with Jenner and Uber where her account was suspended, which pushed the very serious model into the loving arms of their arch-rival, Lyft. Now, according to Mashable, Jenner is going to receive a year of free rides in Lyft and all of it was commemorated by a Snapchat video of Jenner along with zany overlays where she thanked Lyft for the free rides. You can see the pain in Jenner’s face in this Instagram post of her having to wait for a cab.

What an inconvenience. Thankfully for her, Lyft swooped in like a mighty white knight with its fleet of independent contractors in their personal vehicles.

Uber’s loss is apparently Lyft’s gain, although it’s still difficult to see the endgame here other than a brief uptick in social media PR for Lyft until this all blows over, then they have to keep giving Kendall Jenner free stuff for doing nothing.

If you’ve ever let a friend crash on your couch you know this pain, the first few days are fun and then you just want your couch back. At least they got Demi Lovato and a disguised SHAQ to actually drive around a few people for a day, all that Jenner gave them was a flippant Snapchat.

(Via Mashable)

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