Kendra Wilkinson Has A ‘Lost In Space’ Themed Music Video And It’s As Incredible As You’d Think

Hey. Good news, everybody. Kendra Wilkinson is a singer now! Fresh off her epic burn of Holly Madison, the former Girls Next Door star has come out with her very first single, “Lost in Space,” complete with — what else — a Lost in Space themed music video. In it, Wilkinson superimposes herself over footage of the ’60s sci-fi series, tormenting Dr. Smith and dancing with the robot, but perhaps bizarrely, the song itself has nothing to do with outer space.

Instead it serves to remind us what a “bad b*tch” Wilkinson is, with lyrics like: “Can’t keep me on a leash, up on a cloud / Don’t have a f*cking filter,  you know I’m loud / Don’t try to box me in, can’t be controlled…”

That’s our Kendra! So wild and crazy, you just never know what’s gonna come out of her mouth next! But you may be thinking, exactly what kind of music is this? Allow Kendra to helpfully explain:

Like, I’m not really a singer, so I can’t make up with my voice. I’m kind of a rapper, so what do I do? I’m creating my own genre. It’s like pop mixed with rap, mixed with a little bit of EDM. So it’s kind of like in that mix.

After having watched the entire video, you certainly won’t find me arguing with that first point. In an Instagram post last week, Wilkinson announced her single, which can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify, if you like what you hear!

(Via Us Weekly, Esquire)