Kenyan Police Confiscated A Stolen Cow At A Wedding Reception (Just As It Was Being Served To Guests)

A wedding reception in Butula, Kenya was rudely interrupted over the weekend when police burst into the venue looking for stolen property. Specifically, a cow that had gone missing at a local farm.

Authorities had been tipped-off that the highjacked bovine might be at the celebration after being unknowingly purchased at a local market. Unfortunately, the cow had already met it’s demise (slaughtered and cooked on site) by the time they arrived, and was minutes away from settling into the bellies of the event’s guests.

Some identifying marks remained, however. From Standard Digital:

The couple obliged and showed the police where they had slaughtered the cow.

When the owner of the lost cow, who was in the police vehicle, came to check, he confirmed that the head and hooves belonged to his cow.

With the cow identified but already slaughtered and ready to serve, police had no choice but to let the feast commence and focus on catching the thief. Haha, just kidding.

The jubilant guests were in shock. The police then proceeded to do the unthinkable; they impounded the meat that was cooking as exhibit in court.

“They have taken the meat and the pilau that was being cooked leaving us hungry. The aroma from the kitchen was inviting, and now we have been left with nothing,” Amos, one of the guests, whined to this writer.

Oh my god, I love Kenyan reporters.

Authorities are still seeking the original cow thief. The guests ate chicken instead.

[via Standard Media; image via Getty]