The Internet Couldn’t Wait To Mock ‘Kevin Can Wait’ For Killing Off Kevin James’ Sitcom Wife Erinn Hayes

The Kevin James comedy Kevin Can Wait may not have been on your radar least season, but a finesse-free brand of sitcom retooling for season 2 is making folks take notice. And not just because they have a strong chance of seeing Bas Rutten show up to boost the CBS Monday comedy block either. (A lot of James’ buds pop by, come to think of it. Give ’em a ring if you want to be on the show.)

Earlier this summer, Kevin Can Wait underwent some retooling that saw James’ sitcom wife Erinn Hayes removed from the show and the comedian’s King of Queens co-star Leah Remini immediately upgraded to series regular status. When word arrived that Hayes’ character would be killed off on the show to clear the runway for the increased Remini role.

Naturally, Twitter had some quips and commentary to share on the decision to reward the loyal TV wife by planting her in the ground. Not every reaction to the imminent Remining of was sour, but the folks in attendance for the in-show explanation sure weren’t sweet on it.

CBS has stressed that when they send Donna Gable to that cast reshuffling castle in the sky they will do so with “dignity and respect.” Viewers will be able to sort out their feelings on the matter when they tune in (or don’t) for the season 2 premiere of Kevin Can Wait slated for September 25.