KFC Japan’s Fried Chicken Keyboard Is The Prize That No Man Should Ever Win

While Taco Bell appeared to have taken the art of fast food prize giveaways to new heights earlier this year with the rollout of its breakfast menu, Waffle Taco pajamas and a cell phone that receives food discount codes via text have nothing on KFC Japan’s new prizes. In a contest that runs through September 24, fans of the fast food chicken franchise in the Land of the Rising Sun (sorry American stoner geeks) can register to win some KFC swag by simply following the company on Twitter and/or Facebook and by sharing a link that promotes the contest. Some might think that a great KFC prize would be a t-shirt that reads, “I ate a KFC Double Down and all I got was this lousy clogged artery,” or perhaps, taking a page from Taco Bell, a lifetime of free food.

That’s child’s play for KFC Japan, though. Instead, the lucky fans whose names are drawn come next Wednesday will be able to win, among several other bizarre items, the above keyboard that has replaced all of the letters except for K, F and C with tiny pieces of fried chicken. Additionally, and perhaps even more awesomely, they are also giving away this fried chicken mouse…

I guess they can take the fried out of their name but not the wire out of a mouse. What is this, 2005? The KFC computer gear doesn’t stop there, as there’s also a fried chicken drumstick USB drive, because… hell, I have no idea why someone would need or use this.

Don’t fancy yourself much of a computer person? Is fashion more of your bag when it comes to telling the world, “I’ve given up”? Don’t worry, KFC Japan also has something… for the ladies.