Khloe Kardashian Got Naked, Covered Her Butt In Glitter, And Posted The Pictures Just For You

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Khloe Kardashian –AKA the best Kardashian — is no stranger to over-the-top photoshoots. Last year, she posed with an inflatable pink donut while wearing a pig mask (because art, okay?), and this year she’s taking it even further by trying to best her big sister’s accomplishment of “breaking the internet” by posing nude and covered in glitter.

Here’s Khloe getting warmed up:

Why glitter? Well, aside from the reminder that like glitter–which lasts forever–the Kardashians won’t ever go away, it’s fashionable and cool, and also very holiday-ish, which is appropriate with Christmas only a week away. The shoot, which Khloe was coached through by her sister Kendall, also happened because the sisters were drunk with their friend Joyce and just had a whole bunch of the sparkly stuff on hand. That may sound weird, but stop and think for a moment: if anyone just walks around lugging around an entire jug of glitter, wouldn’t it be a Kardashian?

The pictures are exclusively available on Khloe’s app (gotta make that mon-aaay), but the reality star also posted a few to her Instagram.

Wanna see “the booty”? You can either download Khloe’s app for lots or  see a slightly NSFW shot below:

Oh, and if you’re wondering whether Khloe got some of that glitter in her butt? The answer is a resounding yes! Best of luck with that!

(Via Mashable)

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