Kid President And The Best March Madness Video You’ll See This Year

Kids, man. They’ll put the biggest smile on your face simply by being themselves. That’s exactly what Robby Novak – better known as Kid President – does when he chops it up with ESPN’s Robert Flores to fill out his March Madness bracket – or as Young Commander-In-Chief refers to it as, “March Gladness.”

To be quite honest, I really don’t give much of a damn about this year’s NCAA Tournament. This near-three minute clip, however, temporarily made me feel like the Field of 64 was the only thing that matters at this point. His hilarious reasons for picking certain teams like Duke, Gonzaga, Michigan, Wisconsin are equal parts heart warming, hilarious and truthful.

Carve out about three minuntes of your time and enjoy KP’s long-thought out process into picking the next national champion. Seriously, if you don’t crack a smile and/or laugh, you’re a horrible human being and your opinion on pretty much anything is considered invalid from now until Labor Day. Videos like this are why Al Gore gave us the Internet in the first place.

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