World’s Meanest Kid Knocks A Girl Off Her Bike With A Basketball

Okay, first things first: There’s some profanity and overt bullying in this video. Consider this your warning.

Beyond that, there’s not much else to say. There’s no background here or anything. It’s a video of a kid throwing a basketball at a girl as she rides by on her bike. And for some reason, this little kid has Aaron Rodgers-like precision, dotting this poor girl from a solid 10 yards away. Peyton Manning’s obviously jealous of his arm strength and accuracy.

Anyway, the video cuts off too soon because some hero comes into the frame to defend our damsel in distress. And then our rotund friend makes a run for the border, presumably leaving world’s meanest kid to fend for himself.

It’s all very stupid and very mean. Too bad the video doesn’t show the little bully getting his butt kicked by the girl he knocked off the bike. Then he’d receive the justice he deserves.