Kiddie Pool Kickball Is A New Twist On An Old Classic

Kickball. You remember kickball, right? The quintessential middle school gym class sport. All you need are four bases and a plastic ball (the same ones used for dodgeball and four square), let the kids pick the teams and let ’em at it. It’s such a universally beloved activity that adult leagues have popped up all over the country. But ever since the sport was invented in Cincinnati in the early 1900s (as “kick baseball”), it hasn’t changed that much.

Well… it has now.

Epic Student Life, a youth ministry in Russell, Penn., has posted a video featuring a unique take on the game. Each base is replaced with a kiddie pool full of water, and the base paths are lined with Slip N’ Slide-like black tarps, perfect for those Pete Rose-style headfirst slides that we’ve all wanted to make, but never had the guts to because ouch.

Has anyone else heard of this or tried this before?

(via YouTube)