This Instagram Page For Parents To Share Their Kids’ Worst Behavior Is The Best Form Of Birth Control

Being a parent is hard work. No one disputes this. But perhaps nothing until now has so succinctly captured the trials and tribulations of parenthood as well as this Instagram page #KidsAreTheWorst, which lets parents submit their own exasperating photos with the ease of a hashtag. For those who are already parents, it’s a great way to commiserate, and for the rest of us… Well, it just goes to show how easy we have it.

In other words, for childless couples and single adults, these photos are basically the Condescending Wonka meme of, “Oh really? Tell me again about how you had to clean up cat barf this morning.” Here are some of the best examples. Laugh because it’s not you or cringe remembering when it was.

(Via Daily Mail)