This Is The Worst ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video You Will Ever See

Creative Director
08.18.14 9 Comments

We’ve already celebrated the outstanding ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos from people like Chris Pratt and Weird Al. Now it’s time to visit the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s hard to make fun of anything that raises money for a good cause, but good lord… this is just bad. Even with over one million ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos online, we feel comfortable saying this is by far the worst one. Naturally, it comes courtesy of veteran internet folk hero Kige Ramsey.

If you aren’t familiar with Kige, here’s everything you need to know: He earned a spot in the Deadspin Hall of Fame and landed on Tosh.0 simply by being the most awkward human being on YouTube. We highly recommend checking out his greatest hits, especially the time he taught us all how to shoot a free throw. This is not an act, folks.

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