KILL KILL KILL: Silent But Deadly

06.30.15 3 years ago 18 Comments

Sadly the post title refers to this video not having sound and not one animal farting another to death, though I remain hopeful the Internet will bestow the latter on us one of these days. As it is, we have a chameleon attempting to evade a snake and for a while doing a decent job of it, blending in with a shrub or a bush or a cactus or whatever. Look, I’m no botanist; I just post death videos on dick joke blogs. Anyway, the chameleon gets a little too confident in its ruse then decides to make a break for it. Given that this is a death video, you can probably guess how well that works out.

It’s not even the kill here that I find satisfying so much as the chameleon’s expression when the snake tracks it down.


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