KILL KILL KILL: Voodoo Wasps!

06.16.15 3 years ago 14 Comments

Our KILL KILL KILL feature usually showcases monolithic killing machines on a large scale, but what about bugs, those tiny monsters that jump-scare you when you’re sitting on the toilet trying to catch up on KSK dick jokes?

In a Ridley Scott-esque tale of nature that should disturb you to your core, certain wasps enjoy spending their days face hugging more docile bugs by planting up to eighty eggs in their body, but that’s not the end of their life. For the next few days, these caterpillars or ladybugs will have their rudimentary brains controlled by the gestation, becoming zombie bouncers for the wasps nest, only to have the wasp eggs inside it burst out of its body. Nature! Sometimes it’s a fate worse than death!

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