Killer Robot Jetski? Killer Robot Jetski.

Featured to your right is the Blackfish, the Navy’s killer robot jetski, ensuring that when the robot uprising happens, literally nowhere will be safe. Thanks, Department of the Navy, you shouldn’t have! No, really, you shouldn’t have. What were you idiots thinking? Have you even seen a Terminator movie?

Anyway, the Blackfish was designed to hunt down and take out swimmers. No, really, that’s its job. There are supposedly security concerns about terrorists swimming up to our ships and harbors and blowing things up. We thought we had sea mines for this but apparently we need an overpowered robot.

We say overpowered because this beast can rip through the water at 40mph, but will rarely do so since the swimmers it’s looking for generally go about 2mph. So why make it a jetski? Why not a robot paddle boat or something?

[ via the floating robots at Wired ]