'Killzone: Shadow Fall' Lets You Kill Helghast Your Way

To this point, the Killzone games have been as blunt as their title; go in, blast the Helghast, repeat. As a result, they’ve been easy to dismiss if you like a bit more strategy in your bullet-spraying. Something Sony has taken personally, apparently, since now you can pretty much kill the way you want to.

At least that’s the thrust of this fifteen minute video, showing four different approaches to missions, from the meatheaded “charge in with a shotgun” to the elegant “surprise them with a silenced weapon.” It’s actually surprisingly appealing how well these levels are laid out, but see for yourself…

One touch that’s undeniably great is being able to mix and match approaches as needed, or as you feel like. Want to blow up some walls and kill your targets through the drywall? You can, even if this does raise the question of why we have intergalactic travel and are sticking with gypsum as a construction material. Want to sneak around like the specter of death? That works too.

True, it’s not particularly ground-breaking overall; it actually comes off a bit like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and the slo-mo button and the X-ray vision tropes are getting a little stale. But it’s nice to see a series at least make an effort to shake things up instead of just essentially being a rail shooter. It’ll be interesting to see how other franchises approach the new hardware as we get closer to the “launch window” for both consoles.