There’s A Really Good Reason No One Believed Kim Davis Met The Pope

pope davis
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Okay, so Kim Davis met the pope. You’re surprised, I’m surprised, most of the internet is all “WTF,” and let’s be honest: none of us believed this actually happened at first. Some of us may have actually screamed “liar!!!” at their computers when they first read the news. And there’s a really, really good reason for that: Davis’ lawyer lied to the internet about a huge prayer rally that was held for the embattled county clerk just days before!

If you haven’t heard, there was allegedly a huge rally for Kim Davis in Peru (of all places) over the weekend. Her lawyer, Mat Staver, posted a picture of 100,000 people gathered together in Davis’ name after Matt Barber, formerly of Liberty Counsel, according to Think Progress, blasted the picture all over Twitter to celebrate Davis and her appearance at The Values Voter Summit (where The Family Research Counsel gave her a big award). Check out the picture of all of Davis’ Peruvian supporters praying for the woman who’s standing up for all the oppressed Christians in America:

There’s one problem, though: these people gathered to pray don’t have Kim Davis’ name on their lips. In fact, the picture isn’t even from this weekend at all. The still was taken at a religious event in 2014! And Liberty Counsel had to backtrack on their claims, first blaming a Peruvian congressman for the error and then releasing this statement:

“When some questioned whether such a large event occurred, Liberty Counsel sought verification this past Saturday and yesterday,” the statement reads. “It now appears that while prayer meetings did occur throughout Peru, the photograph presented to Mat Staver was an honest mistake and was of a different Christian assembly in a soccer field.”

There’s even video proof, which shows some of the same people and banners in the photo:

Not surprising. If Kim Davis rallies can’t motivate more than a thousand people (and that’s being generous) to show up in America (source: I went to a Kim Davis freedom rally after getting married in her office), why would so many people in Peru be praying for her? This is one time when the phrase “only God knows” is a good response to such a question.

So if you didn’t believe that Davis met the pope, you shouldn’t feel bad about feeling duped. After all, it’s not like her lawyers haven’t tried to fool us all before. And as pointed out earlier today, what’s the pope going to do if Kim Davis is lying about their meeting? Call out some lady for lying? Not a very pope-like thing to do.

(Via Think Progress)