A New Kim Kardashian Robbery Conspiracy Theory Is The Craziest One Yet

Since being robbed at her Paris home over a month ago, Kim Kardashian has been keeping a pretty low profile. The paparazzi magnet and social media oversharer has only been seen publicly three times since her nightmarish ordeal, and her social media posts are nearly non-existent now. No post-robbery tweets, Instagram, or Facebook updates. Her popular app, however, continually gets updated by friends and family.

While critics have accused Kim of staging the robbery for publicity and show ratings, one theory gaining traction is Kim faked it all to quietly get a “butt reduction” and recover. Yeah, and you thought the “Taylor Swift did it!” theory was insane.

H8ers are using recent pictures posted on Kim’s app as definitive proof that the curvaceous star went under the knife and used the robbery story as a cover-up while she recovered. The pics, taken during Halloween but posted by Rob Kardashian over the weekend, shows a noticeably smaller-in-the-butt Kim dressed up as Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine.

“Kim Kardashian faked her robbery to get her botched ass fixed to a normal ass. Thank you and goodnight,” tweeted a fan about Kim’s less cartoonish figure. “The ‘robbery’ happened just in time for Kim to be able to heal from her butt reduction,” chimed another. However, not everyone is hating on Kim Kardashian’s seemingly new silhouette. An observer thinks if Kim did get a “butt reduction,” it was a wise decision, posting, “it might be the best decision in her life.”

I think the bigger story here is that there’s such a thing as butt reduction. Amazing!