Kim Kardashian Sends A Clear Message To Those Who ‘Don’t Get’ Kanye West’s Genius

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Much has been made of Kanye West‘s alleged money problems. Every bit of this speculation has been fueled by Kanye himself. The artist known as Yeezus repeatedly tweeted about his massive debt of $53 million. He publically asked folks to ask Mark Zuckerberg to help an artist out, which didn’t go as planned for Kanye. The trolls, including Pizza Hut, came out at Kanye’s expense, but he appeared to not notice the buzz, even when a GoFundMe account surfaced to help him. Kanye seems insulated in a world of his own creation, though he occasionally surfaces to say unkind things about Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, we’ve heard about how Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, feels about the situation. She reportedly thinks Kanye’s Twitter outbursts about his debt are hilarious because they’re “kind of inaccurate.” That’s a nebulous description, but even if Kanye’s in that much debt, surely he could bounce back with proper investments. Well, Kim has spoken again, courtesy of her paid app, which has been pillaged by Glamour for our reading pleasure:

In regards to Kanye’s Twitter tirades? Here’s what Kim had to say: She revealed that she does read Kanye’s tweets, hates “that people don’t get that Kanye will stand up against the whole world for his creativity and his art,” and wants “everyone to be as honest as Kanye.” Kim signed off with a simple but powerful message to all the Kanye haters out there: a middle-finger Kimoji.

A middle-finger “Kimoji” pretty much sums everything up, right? There’s neither rhyme nor reason to Kanye’s rants. Similarly, no one can quite explain the continued reign of the Kardashians. Perhaps Kanye really is broke at this precise moment, but he also has plenty of tools at his disposal. He could turn his situation around and land on the cover of Forbes next year (while doling out financial advice). In four years, he could run for President against incumbent Donald Trump. I wish I could say this entire scenario sounds implausible, but nah.

FYI: Kim’s been tweeting from nature this weekend, which is unusual. So, this “hike” tweet may really be telling us to “take a hike,” but perhaps these emoji signals have gone too far.

(Via Glamour)