Kim Kardashian Is Amused By The Internet’s Reaction To Her Terribly Cropped Selfie

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12.16.14 15 Comments

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Kim Kardashian’s latest adventure in vanity involved a selfie, a brick wall, and a bad crop-out of her daughter North, but while the internet was aghast at Kardashian’s decision to crop her child out of a picture that she posted on the internet, she seemed rather amused by the fact that her actions had become news:

While Kardashian may be LOLing at the world’s OMGing and society’s unfortunate fixation with the spectacle that is she, I’m a little surprised that she is actually suprised by it. This is a person who has lived on the airwaves and in the public eye, and as part of that faustian deal, Kardashian has reaped a lot of rewards.

Unfortunately, occasional public mockery is an undeniable drawback, but you can’t get one without the other and you can’t use a clapper to turn people’s attention on and off. It’s just there. All the time.

Besides, if her ass would have broken the internet like it was supposed to, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

(Source: Twitter)

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