Kim Kardashian Now Has Her Own Line Of Emojis, Bringing Us To Peak Kardashian

The grande dame of social media has done it again.

First there was SelfishKim Kardashian‘s hardcover collection of selfies, then we got an entire fleet of Kardashian apps, and now, because the famous family’s takeover of your phone wasn’t complete, she now has her own personal emojis.

Burrito emoji not cutting it for ya? Keeks has the solution: Kimoji. Available today, the Kimoji app comes with a keyboard featuring more than 250 (!!) different icons for only $1.99.

Some choice selections include a peach covered in cream, the reality star’s massive rock, a contoured face, chocolate covered strawberries, and, obviously, her shining derriere.

There’s also Kardashian’s pregnant belly, and – our personal favorite – her infamous crying face. How delightfully meta.

Not happy with the current Kimoji options? Never fear, there are more keyboard packs on their way. So, have a very Kimmy Christmas (because, yes, there’s even holiday options). Kimoji’s the gift that keeps on giving – to everyone in your phone book.

(via Instagram)