Kim Kardashian Meets Her Lookalike And There’s No Frigging Way To Tell Them Apart

News Editor
03.23.16 3 Comments

Celebrity doppelgangers usually deliver a glimpse of bizarro-land. Naturally, they could pass for virtual twins, but there’s always a little something “off.” Taylor Swift’s lookalikes fall into that formula with a nearly identical Aussie and a slightly different college student, who could both pass for Swift while trying to enter a random, middle-of-nowhere club. In this particular instance, a lookalike would be hard pressed to stand out from Kim Kardashian, who you can barely notice is a different person.

Kamīlla Ōsman is shown in the above photo looking like she’s the long-lost contouring twin of the E! star who’s married to Kanye West. Osman likely styles herself on purpose to appear identical to Kardashian, which must be perfectly exhausting because being Kim takes a lot work. No one said it was easy to be a real Kardashian, but some people do aspire to be like the family.

The uncanny resemblance between these two inspires double takes. Let’s do some more comparisons before settling on the moment that Kardashian and Osman came face to face. Yes, this was probably a television moment, but let’s not spoil the fun.

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