Kim Kardashian Tried To Crop Her Own Child Out Of A Selfie And Her Followers Are Losing It

Oh my god you guys. I’ll be honest, I’ve started typing out a joke like four or five times now, but each time I inevitably delete what I wrote because there is nothing — absolutely nothing — I can say to comically enhance this selfie that Kim Kardashian posted on Instagram last night. Kim Kardashian, ladies and gentlemen:

Aside from the fact that she attempted to crop her own child out of a photo to focus, instead, on the brick wall of what appears to be a public restroom behind her — she didn’t even do a good job of it. Why would she post this? What the hell could possibly be going through Kim Kardashian’s head when she thought that this would be a good idea?

Well if that in itself wasn’t entertaining enough, grab some popcorn because here’s a sampling of the comments people left on her photo.

I’ll even forgive the guy who thought North West was a boy. I MEAN IT’S NOT LIKE HE CAN SEE HER OR ANYTHING.

(Via TMZ)