Watch Seth Rogen And Jimmy Kimmel Make A Convincing Case To Star In 'True Detective' Season 2

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03.11.14 2 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel — complete with bolo tie — welcomed Seth Rogen to his show last night, which is shooting from Austin this week for SXSW. But before they sat down for a traditional interview, Kimmel and Rogen made their case to replace Woody Harrelson and (Austin homeboy) Matthew McConaughey for the second season of True Detective. That’s right, while the rest of us were adding the #TrueDetectiveSeason2 hashtag to photos of celebrity duos and Instagrams of our kids/dogs, these guys went out and shot their own goddamn season two audition tape.

Nothing will ever touch the genius of Joel McHale and Jim Rash’s True Detective parody, but Kimmel and Rogen did an admirable job. They get points for recruiting Michael Potts (of “suck and f*ck” fame) and working Daniel Johnston’s famous “Hi, How Are You” frog mural into the equation. And, to be quite honest, we’re happy to welcome anything into our life that might fill the True Detective-sized hole in our hearts.

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