Kinectimals, No!

When last we checked in on Rooster Teeth, they were testing (WITH SCIENCE) if a real car could be safely driven in third-person perspective. In their new video, Joel takes Jack on a delightful romp into the Kinectimals universe to meet the cuddly Kinectanimals . . . Kinect Animals . . . Kinect-i-mals. Yeah, Kinect-i-mals.

“Achievement Hunter: Joel and Jack meet the Kinectimals” was going seemingly well until a delightful wildcat named Tigger went too far. Tigger please. Okay, I admit it was actually Cinnamon the bear who started it, and there’s even a “Cinnamon! No!” T-shirt to commemorate the events of December ’11. (NEVER FORGET.)

The video, and a couple relevant pictures, are after the break. No, Cinnamon, I don’t mean break as in “break bones”. Cinnamon! No! I meant “after the jump”. No! I don’t mean you should jump. I meant– Cinnamon! No!

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