Watch This Kitten Adorably Crash A TV Reporter’s Live Report

Detroit’s ABC 7 News reporter Nima Shaffe was preparing to report live on — I don’t know — something early Monday morning when he and his camera crew encountered a spunky little orange and white kitty cat with other plans. Temporarily nicknamed “alley cat,” or “Seven” for the station, Shaffe says that the dirty little kitten came up and greeted him and his photojournalist in the parking lot as they were setting up, and decided to hang out with them for the entirety of the shoot.

Eventually the local sheriff showed up, who Shaffe says considered ticketing Seven for loitering (lol). Instead they decided to contact the Michigan Humane Society, which was on its way to collect the kitten and try to find a home for it. But maybe the station should consider just adopting it as a mascot, because clearly this kitty has a real ear and eye for the mews. (Thanks, I’ll be here all night.)

ABC 7 also documented the kitten’s adorable presence on social media on Monday morning. We’re sure it’ll get scooped up to a good home soon.