Kiwis Rally To Keep The Hobbit

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Yesterday was Labour Day in New Zealand, and Warner Brothers executives were arriving in the country to meet with New Zealand’s prime minister, John Key. Thousands of kiwis around the country gathered in major cities to show support for The Hobbit production staying in their country.  Two to three thousand nerds showed up in Wellington alone.  Other cities held rallies, including Auckland, Christchurch, and Queenstown. After the jump are some of the geeky signs spotted in Queenstown, which aren’t as funny as the SDCC ones but I appreciate the effort.

Prime Minister Key is quoted in The Guardian saying there is a “50-50 chance” at this point of the production staying in New Zealand.  Warner will reportedly make their final decision later this week.  If Peter Jackson’s angry interview is any indication, the news may be bad for New Zealanders but good for Leavesden.  During that interview (starting at 1:25) Jackson said:

“The blacklist is not the issue anymore. Lifting the blacklist doesn’t solve the problem. It’s a question of confidence in our industrial relations and the damage was done within a week of the blacklist going on. [The studio] is frankly worried, because the actor’s [union] brought a completely frivolous action down on the studio. Now if they’ve done that once, what happens in a year’s time when Warner Bros. have spent $250 million dollars, they’ve halfway through the film and the actor’s [union] decide to have some fun again? It’s like it could happen all over again. They have no confidence.” [via ThePlaylist]

Peter Jackson is so angry in that interview. Let’s hope he doesn’t start eating his feelings, although it looks like he’s already started.  Awww, I’m sad now.  I know what will cheer me up:

NEEERRRRRRDS!  Ah, yelling that always makes me feel better.

More pictures at BestWeekEver.

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