There’s Good News And Bad News About ‘Knights Of Badassdom’

Peter Dinklage is packing an ounce of killer shrooms and there be monsters in need of pummeling. That’s all we needed to hear to pique our interest in Knights of Badassdom, a fantasy action comedy about LARP (live-action role play). Unfortunately, the movie sat on the shelf for two years when Indievest Pictures CEO Wade Bradley heavily edited director Joe Lynch’s work after having possibly bankrupted the company. Lynch hasn’t been involved in the movie since, and wasn’t even contacted when the movie secured a distributor last summer.

Here’s the good news. Knights of Badassdom is coming to VOD on February 11th. It will also be in some theaters (via Tugg) on January 21st. The bad news is this isn’t the director’s cut. I feel like we just failed the saving throw.

Additional bad news: No one I ever met while LARPing looked anything like Summer Glau or Ryan Kwanten, nor were any as cool as Peter Dinklage. Hollywood has lied to us again.

Here’s the Knights of Badassdom release date announcement from eOne Entertainment.

Here’s the trailer we originally posted with a synopsis during Comic-Con 2011.

(H/T: /film. Banner picture courtesy of Indievest Pictures.)