These Arguing Koalas Will Make You Wish Every Couple’s Public Fighting Could Be This Adorable

Creative Director
09.19.14 11 Comments

Couples who fight in public are awful. On the list of annoying couples, only those who make out in public are worse. (At least with fighting couples, you get to pick a side and root against someone.)

But when koalas have a lovers’ quarrel in public? HOLY ADORABLE. If we could just get politicians to don koala suits for big debates and everyone on Facebook to upload koala avatars before launching into their incoherent/racist tirades, all of the world’s bickering would not only be tolerable, but highly enjoyable and even encouraged. Up with koala suits and koala avatars, I say.

(Via Elin Nordlander; H/T Tastefully Offensive)

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