Kobe’s Still That Dude, Lakers Hang Tough To Beat Nets

L.A.’s other team (*snickers*) had no reason to win against the Nets. Minus Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace (and Pau Gasol late) and playing in front of a rowdy Brooklyn crowd for the first time, the Lakers found a way to pull off their most impressive road W of the season, continuing a trend of solid play that is slowly but surely inching them towards a .500 record. More importantly, the Kobe Bryant produced a pair of oh-my-goodness plays.

The first such move is a tasty, buttery crossover that left everyone except Gerald Wallace and members of Wallace’s family wide-eyed. That was more A.I. than Black Mamba, and I love it. The second highlight is a powerful, ferocious slam over Kris Humphries and, once again, Wallace (has anybody checked on him today?). Kobe averages one or two of these dunks a season, just to remind the rest of us that, even if he is 34, the name on the back of the jersey still reads “Bryant.”